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Published on March 7, 2017

Nectar Wins the RapidPro Startup Award


We’re very proud to announce that┬áNectar has won the RapidPro Startup Award. The RapidPro trade fair is the 3D printing industry’s largest trade fair in the Netherlands. Taking place in Veldhoven the show showcases industrial 3D printers, desktop 3D printers, software and this year also had an AR and VR section. Large industrial companies, designers, schools and a lot of people from the Dutch manufacturing industry attend the event. You can see 3D printers ranging from inexpensive kits to high end EOS plastics systems or metal 3D printers by SLM Solutions. The show is organized by the Microcentrum an educational organization that organizes a wide array of college and university courses and educates companies on new technologies. They also organize trade shows and have been organizing the main event for 3D printing in the Netherlands for a number of years.

The RapidPro Startup Award went to the innovative Utrecht based startup 3Devo last year. They’ve developed a filament extrusion system for 3D printing. We were therefore very excited to be nominated for that award. The jury was impressed by the Nectar One’s modularity which gives our 3D printer lower cost of ownership and easier servicing than other printers. They also spoke of our integrated carbon and HEPA filtering system which gets rid of noxious fumes. The fact that we not only make a industrial 3D printer but also have developed our own slicing software was also something that the jury liked. Stein and Nick were very proud to on behalf of the team accept the Rapidpro Startup Award at the Rapidpro dinner. Want to see the Nectar One or meet the Nectar team? We’ll be at RapidPro until the 9th of March.