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Published on April 11, 2017

Why is 3D printing relevant for Education?


3D Printing in Education: Why is it relevant?

Children worldwide are choosing less and less for technical studies. This could have serious repercussions for the future. Manufacturing, design and industry play big roles in knowledge work. To increase the attractiveness of technical education, we need to make children curious about technology, hard skills and science. Using a 3D printer can make these subjects fun and challenging, and stimulates the development of their skills.

Because 3D printing is still in an early stage in being adopted in education, it is important to define the advantages of using 3D printers in class. The advantages are not only applicable for the students, teachers can profit from them as well.

  • It increases the interactiveness of class activities. With the 3D printer historic artefacts can be printed, a 3D model of the human heart, the possibilities are endless. These objects can be made tactile and lead to deeper understanding of the subject at hand. By feeling and discussing an object in front of them the subject is also made more engaging.
  • It helps teachers with visual aids to use in class, for instance with explaining tough concepts. Difficult to visualize concepts can become much clearer through 3D prints.
  • The 3D printer helps with grabbing the interest of children compared to showing images as a representation of the object.
  • It enhances learning by doing. Using prototyping technology, students will be able to produce realistic 3 dimensional mini-models.

Giving students their first acquaintance with 3D printing at pre-school and high-school, benefits them not only at that moment, but also later in life, for instance at university or in the field.

3D Printing in Education & Nectar
When designing and building our hardware and software, Nectar has kept in mind the struggles in education in regards to 3D printing. The modular design and simple, easy to use interface are an example of this. Due to our modular design our printers are easier to service and maintain. A part can be swapped out for a new one quickly and the class can continue printing.

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