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Published on May 8, 2017

Working at Nectar: from trainee to part-time employee


We think it’s important to give you a closer look inside Nectar as a company, by using the vision and words of our own employees. A good example of such an employee is Bas Lansink. In September 2016, he started working at Nectar as an intern. After completing his internship, he stayed at Nectar as a part-time employee.

What gave you the idea to apply for an internship at Nectar?
I’ve always had a thing for 3D printers and have got one myself at home. Because of my interest in 3D printing I was very interested in working at Nectar. In addition to that, I thought it could be helpful for my future career.

What was the deciding factor to apply at Nectar?
I really enjoyed the idea of working at Nectar, partly because it was still in its start-up phase. In that way, I could experience the whole process of the establishment of this company. I would miss out on this process if I became a trainee at an already existing company. I also had the feeling that I could contribute to Nectar as a company. And of course, because of the fun people that were already working there.

What were your expectations when starting at Nectar?
I hoped to learn as much as possible at Nectar, I also wanted it to be a very diverse experience. In that way, I could know what plays a part in the 3D printing world and what doesn’t.

Have you met the expectations you had when starting at Nectar?
I’ve learned a lot and have done many things to achieve that. I also received a lot of responsibility throughout the internship and felt like Nectar had faith in me, which was great. Because of that, my own expectations were more than exceeded.

Could you give some examples of what you learned?
At the start of my internship I had difficulties with approaching businesses at a professional level. Working at Nectar helped me gain a more professional attitude. Besides that, I engaged in various working fields and that gave me a better idea of the competencies of those fields. I feel like I can benefit from that in the future.

At this moment you’re studying Industrial Design at HAN, were there overlapping factors between what you learned at HAN and working at Nectar?
My Solidworks skills were of good use. During my studies, I dealt with electrical engineering, I’ve benefited greatly from this when working with circuit boards. I also gained a lot of new knowledge while working at Nectar, for instance when I redesigned the Bee 3D printer head. Besides that, I got to know everything about the Nectar 3D printer and its software.

Are there things you would like to do while working at Nectar?
I think it’d be cool if I could design or redesign parts for the printer on a modular level.