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Published on May 29, 2017

Usecase: Nectar in the Technasium schooling system


The collaboration between Nectar and Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln

Technasium is a formula for STEM education at Dutch high schools. The formula has existed since 2004 and focuses on Research & Design (In Dutch: ‘’Onderzoeken en Ontwerpen’’), whereby students work on STEM projects in groups. The projects mainly consist out of scientific and or practical topics. Havo and vwo students can choose for this formula, and can continue with it until their exams. Because of this, students develop several competences and skills needed in STEM, such as creativity, entrepreneurship, collaboration, inventiveness, communication, planning, project work, organizing and process and knowledge-oriented work.

The Netherlands wants a leading position in the knowledge economy. That is only possible if there are sufficient, highly educated, technologists. Unfortunately, not enough people choose further education related to technology, hard skills and science. Technasium strives towards a better influx of students into those STEM related academic courses.

The formula consists of 5 characteristics:

  • Activating didactics: Technasium teachers have a coaching role and get fitting training.
  • Collaboration with businesses and higher education: To gain a link between education and actual practice, collaboration with businesses, higher education and Technasium has been established.
  • Exam subject: Technasium provides lessons in Research and Design.
  • Technasium Workplace: Every Technasium has its own workplace.
  • Education with modern beta-culture: Every Technasium spends time on talent development and activities outside the school environment, such as the Technasium Top Awards.

3D Printing is a tool with many advantages when used in an educational program, examples of this have already been named in the Why is 3D Printing relevant for Education? Blogpost. Most technasium schools already gained some experience in 3D Printing, unfortunately this hasn’t always been a pleasant experience. 3D Printing can still be tough process to go through, especially when you’re not working with it all the time. This struggle is a known phenomenon, and that’s why Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln went looking for a new 3D Printer that will overcome this struggle, and eventually found the Nectar One.

Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln gave the following statement to explain why they chose for a collaboration with Nectar:

‘’3D Printing takes time, time you’d rather invest in education. Our Technasium students have the need for the most diverse prints. Setting up our current machines is an art only a few of our teachers and students possess. With complex prints this knowledge isn’t sufficient, which causes the printer to result in more frustrations than ease of use. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time for our teachers or students to thoroughly sort out all settings. And besides that, knowledge sinks in after a while.

At the RapidPro trade fair, while searching for a new 3D Printer, we met Nectar and their 3D Printer the Nectar One. They promised us hassle-free 3D Printing which made us very excited about the concept of the Nectar One. After a visit to their company, we decided to start a collaboration with Nectar. Our students are going to do research projects with the goal to find the right printer settings for new materials. By doing so, the students will learn how to conduct a deductive-iterative research. Nectar will be able to use the results of the research to give all Nectar One 3D Printers access to the new materials and settings.’’

The collaboration between Nectar and Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln is a great example of how 3D Printing can be implemented in an educational program. The program has been developed not only for Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln, other Technasium schools will be able to start this program as well. Want to know more about the possibilities the Nectar One could offer you? Contact us here