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Published on May 30, 2017

How small businesses can benefit from 3D Printing


Examples of how small businesses can benefit from 3D Printing

  • 3D Printing helps designers create more personalized objects
  • Different websites let designers sell their designs
  • Several designers only use 3D Printing as a production method

Many different industries are benefiting from the 3D printing technique. But how are small businesses using 3D Printing to their advantage? One example has already been given in a previous blogpost: 3D Printing Mobile Phone Accessories and Cases. When you look at a website such as etsy, it becomes clear that earning money by selling 3D objects such as a printed phone cases is very popular. When you take a further look at what kind of 3D Printed things people try to sell online, it quickly becomes obvious that the possibilities are endless.

3D Printing jewelry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of ways to make money of a 3D Printer. An example of a jewelry designer that uses 3D Printing is Yvonne van Zummeren, who has her own jewelry label called Dyvisgn. After learning about the technique and working with it, she decided to mainly use 3D Printing to create jewelry from that moment on. Which made Dyvisgn the first jewelry label that specialises in 3D Printed jewelry. A few reasons for this change can be named, for instance the easy and fast production process, which makes experimenting with new designs very handy. Besides that, there’s the option to work with a small stock. After all, new jewelry can be printed out in a small period of time. The possibility to use many different materials is also a huge plus. Read our blogpost about Using 3D Printing for Molding and Casting in Manufacturing to learn more about options concerning this topic.

Choosing 3D Printing technique to create jewelry worked out very well for the brand, which has become very successful. A notable fact is that Dyvisgn only designs the jewelry on paper and lets other people design the jewelry in 3D.

Letting others do the work for you isn’t an unusual thing. Many websites let small entrepreneurs design 3D models for other people or print out designs for other people. Another option is selling your designs online, such as on shapeways, sculpteo, and kraftwurx. For many people with a 3D Printer it’s an easy way to earn a bit of money, for others it’s handy because they don’t have to purchase a printer and can still get the 3D Printed model.

Another popular craft seen on etsy is 3D Printing home accessories. 3D Printed vases, lamps, kitchen ware and other objects seem to be very popular, which is a good thing for people earning their money by 3D Printing the objects. Through 3D Printing, the process of manufacturing one-of-a kind objects has been enabled. This possibility gives the consumer the option to really personalize their home through 3D Printing. Which makes it a plus for designers and costumers.