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Published on June 7, 2017

Winning the RapidPro Award: 3 months later


It has been 3 months since we won the RapidPro award with our Nectar One 3D Printer. A lot has happened in the meantime: for instance receiving a €1 million investment from TIIN Capital and PPM Oost & collaborating with Technasium Lyceum Schöndeln. We’ve also been featured in several (3D Print) magazines and blogs such as Marketingfacts, De Gelderlander, De Telegraaf & All these articles may have given you some ideas about where Nectar stands, and how we’re growing as a company.  We’d like to give you another look into Nectar, through an interview with one of our employees: Anton Blom. 

Anton studied electronics at the Technical University of Eindhoven from 1985 to 1989. After his studies, he started working at Philips as a predeveloper of electronic lampdriver circuits. After that, he worked as a Senior power supply specialist at Philips and Bobitrans. He also worked at NXP as a senior principal engineer in LED solutions.

How did you end up at Nectar?
During the summer I learned about Nectar via a recruiter. During the interviews at Nectar, the job proposal looked promising to me and shortly afterwards I started working at Nectar.

What is your function at Nectar?
I’m responsible for the development of new electric circuits for the Nectar 3D Printers.

Did you do the same work at your prior jobs?
My work at companies like Philips and NXP is comparable to the work at Nectar, but a number differences can be observed, resulting in new opportunities. When I started working at Nectar, we were still in a startup phase, this provided me with totally other challenging possibilities compared with my work at a multinational like Philips.

What are the best aspects of the Nectar One?
I think the simple user interface is one of its best features. The possibility to operate the printer by means of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, remotely via the web is also something that must be named. Lastly, the ease of printing without having any knowledge of CAD design is a very strong aspect.

At the moment we’re still trying to expand and shape the Nectar team. If you’re interested in what positions we offer at the moment: information about job opportunities at Nectar can be found here.