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A tool you can

build on.

Designed with the enterprise in mind. Nectar One uses industrial grade components and a list of nifty tricks to make sure that you can keep going.


Nectar One consists of

8 core hardware modules.

Being modular is the only way to make sure we are ready for what the future brings us.

Cost Effective

Servicing and upgrading modules rather than entire systems to save costs.

Quicker & Easier

All modules are designed to be replaced within 5 minutes with only one screwdriver at most.


Add New Functionalities


Linear Motion System

Industrial grade linear rail systems with self-tightening, fiber reinforced timing belts.


Capacitive Touch Logo

Interact with the printer using touch gestures.


RFID Material Recognition

Proprietary Nectar materials tell your printer all the needed settings and help you manage your material usage. Additionally you can also use your own materials.


Door System

The door automatically opens and closes with a touch of the logo.


Active Carbon & HEPA Filter System

A closed-circuit filtering system circulates air within the printer to keep fine dust and toxic smells from entering your working environment.


Material Feeder

A reliable material feeding system using pressure feedback and other sensor data to prevent material and nozzle blockages.


Heated Bed with 4 Independent Heating Zones

The large, removable heated bed and build plate has 4 zones that can be heated independently to give you more control as well as save you time and power.


Printhead (BeeHead)

The BeeHead module has a separately controllable hot and cold zone to shorten the phase-change distance and avoid blockages.

Industrial Grade Components

Precision machinery.

Precision results.

Quality Control

Three levels of

detail & speed.

Choose from one of three standard profiles to determine your balance between print time and quality. Or modify all of the parameters to suit your specific needs.