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Ease of Use

Removing boundaries from

the creative process.


Web based.

Ready for the future.

The Nectar One is as much about the hardware as it is about the software. It comes equipped with web based software we call NectaWare and is therefore future-proof. The two were developed in unison to make the experience as smooth as it can be.

3 Clicks 3D

Prototyping has never

been this easy.

Setting up a print job can be done in as little as 3 clicks. Due to the seamless integration between hardware and software this is an easy and automated process trimmed down to its very essence.

Under the Hood

Put the pedal

to the metal.

If you are of the tinkering type, you’ll like the Control Panel we have built in for you. Printing profiles can be endlessly tweaked to your heart’s content.

Auto Leveling

It takes One to

calibrate One.

The first layer is the foundation of any good 3D print. Nectar One calibrates itself completely automatically to save you time and to guarantee a perfect foundation for every print.

Material Recognition

Focus on creativity,

rather than settings.

All print settings are automatically set the moment you insert a Nectar spool so you can spend time modeling parts, rather than schooling yourself to become a 3D Printing expert.

Material Recognized
Nozzle Temperature
Bed Temperature
231m (70%)